Why Choose Us


Because NIKON used only tried & tested parts which are bought from international companies listed on front page. We have installed best quality product which are durable for a long period without any problems.


Gear is the heart of the elevator. So… we use the Worm Shaft & Worm Wheel from greaves Ltd. (U.K. Collaboration)


USHA MARTIN Elevators duty Self Lubricating Ropes (8 x 19) (German Collaboration)


MASTA Export Casting Ltd. make Graded Casting & Main Pulley contains Nickle Alloys


Panel is the mind of the elevator. Solid state micro-processor based Controller.


We provide motor consisting of GKW stamping with Copper Rotter.


NIKON’s high quality materials, skilled staff, ‘hand-on’ experienced engineers and a dedicated back-up team are all focused to give you the highest returns on your investment.


Annual Comprehensive service : This option offers you the ultimate in safety and protection to your equipment.This includes monthly cleaning, lubricating, adjustments, replacement / repairs (parts & labour) and regular follow-up and prompt call back service on priority basis.


NIKON machines are designed below worm-shaft for smooth, safe, silent and long life performance. These machines as designed and utilised for single speed / two speed / variable speed.


Micro processor based controller is used for versatile programmable and quick in action having solid state operation and suitable for variable voltage and variable frequency drive (VVF drive). We also provide ARD System (Auto Rescue Device).  Door Operator- synchronized motor, noiseless, smooth, operation & long lasting.

Our Field of Vision


NIKON equipment is designed to meet the most challenging specifications set by our clients. Delivers on Schedule Safe, Reliable & Long Lasting elevators with minimum downtime and maximum customer satisfaction


NIKON’s experienced is designed staff puts more time and energy info what you don’t see in an elevator. Premium range of components, rigid control at different levels, stringent inspection standards & tests have won us our biggest reward - Customer Loyalty.


Nikon’s safety standard are one of the highest in the industry. While we are meet all the safety codes / standards, we most often surpass them.


Nikon’s belief in your right to be served moves throughout our organisation. Prompt Service. Preventive Maintenance and Composite Component Inventory Reduces Downtime & Enhances the elevator’s Life.

Auto Rescue Device

Elevator emergency automatic rescue device (also known as ARD) is a special device installed in an elevator which is only used during an event of a power failure or blackout in a building. An elevator emergency landing device is useful for preventing passengers from becoming trapped inside an elevator during a power failure.


Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVF) Lift Drive employs frequency inverter technology which regulates input voltage and frequency throughout the journey, drawing much less current during acceleration and deceleration.

Brand strategy

It is important to secure the safety and reliability of an elevator as accidents may lead to great casualties. That is why Nikon Elevators Pvt. Ltd. has designed an elevator remote monitoring system based on the Internet of Things, which aims to obtain real-time running information of the elevator, including its running state, location and malfunction information

Destination Dispatch System (DDS)

DDS is a smart device that is used for multi-elevator installations in high-rise buildings where passengers are grouped for the same destination into the same elevator. It reduces waiting and travel time when compared to the traditional system. It improves the efficiency of the entire elevator system by reducing the number of total trips, stops and starts that consume the most energy, a major advantage to building owners.

Elevator IC Card Access Intelligent System

Elevator IC card Access Intelligent System aims to provide an intelligent support for operational management of our elevators. Things like call commands, door opening controls, time bounding access and floor restrictions can all be activated by the messages inside the IC Card. Thus operation of the elevator becomes manageable, extensible, controllable and cost-effective.

Customize Elevator

Nikon elevators are standardized or customized to integrate perfectly into your building’s architecture and software system. Easy to plan, they are suited to all building types and shah sizes. We have the right elevator, whether it’s for high or moderate use.

Expertise in Elevators Guarantees you have made the right decision

What makes a company good and how does a good company differ from others? We are convinced that the major factor is the workforce! Their qualifications and ideas have made us one of the best providers on the market. This is to remain so in future.

Elevator Expertise

Our specialists have the elevator expertise that enables them to adapt to your individual ideas and wishes. This is the basis for being able to provide you as a customer with skilled and superior support, above all when older elevator systems or delivery capabilities with respect to spare parts are involved. In the case of an elevator that is to continue running safely after ten, twenty or more years, our expertise is a great advantage.

Continuous Re-Qualification

This is why outstanding in-house training and continuous re-qualification are particularly important to us. We want our employees to know our customers and understand their needs and expectations. Our customers place high demands on us with respect to safe and reliable elevators. And they are right to do so – after all, a long-term investment decision is involved!

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