Residential Elevator /Passenger Elevator

Passenger Elevator is smartly designed to meet the needs of a thriving urban landscape. Perfect to serve low and mid-rise residential  buildings, Residential Elevator /Passenger Elevators combines standard elevator technology with great design along with an array of optional features
We at Nikon Elevator suggest the Machine room less concept to help customers save energy, space and increase flexibility. With the integration of PMSM gearless traction machine into the model and a highly efficient close loop control technology, Residential Elevator /Passenger Elevators is as good as its name, linking several floors seamlessly.

Residential Elevator P assenger Elevators 3

Freight Elevators / Goods Elevators

Nikon Elevator complete range of freight elevators of different load carrying capacities makes handling of goods easy. Innumerable corporates and industrial giants have installed our Polar F freight elevators for maximizing their production capacity. This heavy duty model is specially designed to fulfill industrial requirements having resistivity features like dust, fire, chemical, water and weather.
It is a known fact that sturdy freight elevators increase material handling volume there by increasing revenue. 

Freight Elevators Goods Elevators 2

Hospital Elevators

Hospital Elevator is the best stretcher elevator of 15, 20 and 26 person capacity in the market today. Available at various speeds that help serve the masses during emergency transportations at hospitals and medical institutes, it is very spacious and has a proper exhaust system with a jerk free landing. Hospital Elevator is designed to transport bulky and heavy hospital equipment and its robust built has a versatile automatic control system that permits attendant operation.
Lives are saved by the minute in hospitals and our feature of Emergency Control System makes the process even more reliable. Additionally, our Automatic Rescue Device is great for hospitals where power failure or emergencies can create havoc within seconds.

Hospital Elevators

Capsule / Panoramic Elevators

The Panoramic Elevator is a jewel worthy of prestigious buildings. Its design and features aim for optimum travel comfort. Nikon Elevator has years of specialized knowledge in capsule elevators and so it offers a wide range with ultramodern designs. Panoramic elevators come with speeds upto 2.5 mps along with capacities of upto a whopping 26 persons
Its technical prowess lends to a silent and reliable operation while the VVF microprocessor based controller provides a smooth and jerk free run and landing. Oil buffer and roller guide shoe give vibration-free travel while aesthetic interiors like a panoramic glass viewing panel makes it visual hit.


Commercial Elevators

Commercial Elevators is a fast moving passenger elevator with speeds upto 4mps, a perfect mobility solution for high-rises and multinational companies. Available in the early to premium elevator range, it comprises of a double 32 bit embedded close loop microprocessor fusion control system.
A PM auto door for cabin and landing doors gives better comfort and safety while the designs are easily customizable. The Commercial Elevators is highly recommended with a machine room for better maintenance of equipment.

Commercial Elevators can effortlessly sync with the building management system.

Commercial Elevators 2

Industrial Elevators

The Rack & Pinion Lift, as the name suggests, works on the principle of a rack and a pinion. These types of lift are used for Vertical Transportation of Men & Material in Industries / Building Construction. Some of the areas where these lift are used are tall Industrial structures such as Bridge pylons, chimneys, Coal Handling Plants, Trans Points, Boiler Plants, Cooling Towers.

Industrial Elevators

Car Elevators

Car elevator  is an elevator designed to carry car, rather than passengers. Our car elevator is essentially designed so as to fulfill material handling requirement of industry, building, hotel, car workshop etc.

Car Elevators


Nikon Elevators Pvt. Ltd. Deals In Different Types Of Elevators Like Basic Lift, Hydraulic Lift. MRL Lift, Goods Elevators And Many More From Last 25 Years. 

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